Our Team:

City Opera is currently run by a Board of Director comprising 5 individuals from different walks of life. They were drawn together none other than by a common interest and passion for Western opera, arts and classical music.

     Meet our team

Amy Chan Kee Wan
Vincent Chung Wai Hoi
Anty Fung An Ty
Lam Chuk Kwan
Cheng Chuan Kwan

City Opera

Our Advisors:

Madam KIANG Ella

Madam FEI Barbara, BBS

Madam YOUNG Lola, M.H.

Dr. YIP Wai Hong

Prof. CHAN Wing Wah

Mr. CHAN Jimmy

Mrs. CHAN Amy, Chairman, The Charitable Foundation of Love

Mr. CHAU Albert, Dean of Student Affairs, The University of Hong Kong

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Vision, Goals and Objectives:

Founded in 2008, City Opera establishes itself as a HK-based non-profit-making opera house. Basing on the idea of social entrepreneurship, City Opera strives to bring cultural promotion, local performing opportunities, corporate social responsibility, and musical education together.

We believe that the future of musical development in Hong Kong lies in a tripartite partnership among the Government, the business sector and NGOs. With undaunted passion, we visualize ourselves as a bridge linking the three together and pool the maximum resources possible for a grandiose dream where:

100% support for budding local vocalists

We offer local vocalists ample performance opportunities by observing a "100% local cast" principle.

Local dramatic adaptations

We aim to increase understanding among general by adapting the original opera work to creative dramatic features e.g. use of Cantonese dialogue to illustrate story flow.

Cultivate next-generation local audience

We have established close relationships with secondary and tertiary education institutions in HK and will continue bringing free abridged performance and concerts to local secondary schools and universities.

Future Directions

Opportunities for mature local talents

- Provide staging opportunities for competent vocalists
- Encourage in-depth pursuit of musical excellence among a wider base

Career growth for local music graduates

- Provide opportunities for undergraduate vocalists to perform as part of experience building
- Endorse and perform musical works by local composers

Promote western opera & classical music

- Adopt reasonable pricing for all tickets to solicit wider community support
- Include adaptive performance features e.g. Cantonese dialogue

Enhance musical literacy for kids

- Provide quality musical training encompassing music and dramatic delivery skills for local kids
- Create performance opportunities for budding vocalists

Elevate vocal education and exploration

- Build a circle of competent vocal teachers (with adequate performance experience)
- Organize master classes and vocal competitions to stimulate serious pursuit of musicality

Engage cross-sector participation

- Solicit show-by-show programming sponsorship and vocal scholarship from the private sector
- Liaise with NGOs to address fundraising needs in Society