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City Opera blog 都會日記

We had fabulous feedback from our April concert at City Hall and we owe it all to the amazing performance of our chorus members and the loyal support of City Opera fans! As summer approaches, we are getting excited about our upcoming Summer Music Camp and the production of Children Musical: Carnival of Animals. Stay tuned for our latest updates! - Blog posted on May 8

City Opera

有賴我們都會歌劇院合唱團團員出色的表現和各位粉絲的支持,我們四月份的音樂會全院滿座,成績驕人!初夏將至,讓我們最期待的是我們第二屆夏日音樂營和兒童音樂劇製作:動物狂歡節!緊密留意我們的最新消息!﹣ 五月八日

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